How to Find Us
How to find us....

Letting us know what time you'll get here helps us do our best to have your room ready for you when you arrive.  If you are going to arrive later than expected please call.  And remember that cell phone service is limited once you leave the interstate.

From Seattle  Mapquest Directions & Map Link 

1:     From IH 5 just south of Olympia merge onto US-101 N via EXIT

       104 toward ABERDEEN / PORT ANGELES. 5.9 miles

2:    Take WA-8 W toward MONTESANO / ABERDEEN. 21.0 miles
       WA-8 W becomes US-12 W. 10.0 miles Map
3:.  Take the JCT WA-107 ramp toward MONTESANO /      

      RAYMOND. 0.2 miles
4:   Turn LEFT onto S MAIN ST. 0.1 miles
5:   Stay STRAIGHT to go onto WA-107. 7.8 miles
6:   Turn LEFT onto US-101. 47.8 miles
7:   Turn RIGHT to stay on US-101. 13.1 miles
8:   Turn LEFT onto US-101 ALT. 0.6 miles
9:   Turn RIGHT onto US-101. 1.9 miles
10:   End at Spruce St E & Brumbach Ave, Ilwaco, WA 98624

Total Est. Time: 3 hours Total Est. Distance: 170 miles
     You’ll go down a hill and around a corner and into Ilwaco.  101 Haciendas Motel is on your RIGHT about 4 blocks after you get to Ilwaco.  Look for the School Zone halfway between the eastern edge of town and the stoplight. 

From Portland Mapquest Directions and Map  

  • Merge onto I-5 N. 34.9 miles
  • Merge onto WA-432 W / TENNANT WAY via EXIT 36 toward WA-4 / LONGVIEW / LONG BEACH. 3.8 miles
  • Turn LEFT onto WA-433 / OREGON WAY (Crossing into OREGON). 1.8 miles
  • WA-433 / OREGON WAY becomes LEWIS AND CLARK BRIDGE. 0.6 miles
  • Merge onto US-30 W / LOWER COLUMBIA RIVER HWY. 46.7 miles
  • Turn RIGHT onto ASTORIA BRIDGE / OREGON COAST HWY / US-101. Continue to follow US-101 (Crossing into WASHINGTON). 4.2 miles
  • Turn LEFT to stay on US-101. 10.9 miles

Total Est. Time: 2 hours, 15 min.   Total Est. Distance: 105 miles